Increase Website Traffic With Targeted Advertising

We'll bring higher quality visitors to your website

    • Key word search visitors are limited in the amount of time and number of pages viewed.

    Just over 1 minute per visit

    Under 2 Pages per visit

    • Paid Advertising visitors spend more time and view more pages per visit.

    Over 6 minutes per visit

    Over 5 pages per visit

    • More & Longer visits means more opportunities:
      • ESM traffic generation programs and our depth of website content dramatically increases visitor return visits. Your listing / website viewing opportunities increase with no additional cost to you.
      • Market Specific Google & Social Media Campaigns bring in targeted visitors directed to specific product lines or services presenting multiple opportunities to satisfy their interests. “Featured Businesses” are presented to the visitor prior to viewing our targeted or complete offerings.
      • Our unique listing filtering enables the visitor to easily refine their search to specific product or service businesses providing additional viewing opportunities for business listings.
    • Unique marketing programs specific to your business:
      • Our focus to the market place keeps us in step with current market trends and events are applied to your specific marketing needs.
      • Your direct marketing campaigns deliver visitors are directly to your website.
      • Your marketing dollars are aimed at your specific customer profile(s)
        • Keywords and demographics are honed per marketing campaign event.
        • Product presentations are refined to the meet the specific audience chosen for each campaign event.
        • Market at a high business level such as branding campaigns or at low level very target product and demographics campaigns.
        • Users who click the campaign event ad go directly to your website page. 

Click the image below to view Ed’s Project Car Swap Meet’s Featured Businesses (Products)

You’ll see only Featured Businesses are displayed and can then be further filtered by Make / Model Specialties, Product Line and State.  Clicking the ”Clear” button enables viewing of all business listings.

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