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1927 Mercedes-Benz S George Gangloff Roadster (What's another word for beauty?)

Another great European car of the vintage period was the Mercedes which, happily, like the Rolls, is still in production today. Below is the typical top-of-the-range touring car of the period, the 1927 Mercedes-Benz. An interesting feature on this model is the dual windscreen.

1929 Mercedes Model S Tourer

1929 Mercedes Model S Tourer

1929 Mercedes Model S Tourer

Mercedes started life as Daimler but the name was changed in a bid to defeat sales resistance from the French. It was thought that the Germanic sounding Daimler only fanned the hatred France had for the Germans.


1927 Mercedes-Benz Model S Tourer

1927 Mercedes-Benz Model 630K

1927 Mercedes-Benz Model S Cabrio

1927 Mercedes-Benz 680S 'Torpedo Roadster’

1927 Mercedes-Benz 680S 'Torpedo Roadster’


1927 Mercedes Benz Type S Supercharged

1927 Mercedes-Benz 26-180 S-Type Rennsport

27 Mercedes-Benz Model SJ Saoutchik Roadster

1927 Mercedes-Benz 400 K Tourer Sinsheim, a Daimler-Benz product

1927 Mercedes 630

1927 Mercedes-Benz 680K Supercharged in Delhi (My deli down the street, new torpedo on the menu)

These are all great cars, aren't they? It's hard to believe that was possible so long ago. Hey, just a reminder, we sell muscle cars, antique cars, vintage cars, car parts and restoration services from our many advertisers. Please give them a look, too.

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