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The weekend of July 10, 2015 the Carlisle MOPAR Car Show and Swap Meet was held in Pennsylvania.


Given the longevity and professionalism of this event, the anticipated 40,000 car lovers arrived from Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, New Jersey, Oklahoma and other places to experience everything offered by small and large vendors, alike.


EdsProjectCarSwapMeet.com was there to share information about our cars for sale, vendors who advertise with us and to scope out the event site for interesting things to share with you.

It was a shoppers' wonderland of gadgets, do-hickies and thing-a-ma-jigs for every MOPAR fan.


People brought cars they found to sell or used to own to sell.


The TV stars and General Lee from the Dukes of Hazards TV show were there to share their love for America, Dodge products and people from all walks of life. (Read our story about this car on this site; with more pictures.)


The Super Bird bought at the "Blood Money Auction" was there and on display. (Read our story about this car on this site; with more pictures.)


And then there were more Super Birds there than we thought constituted a true life flock of Super Birds. (Read our story about this car on this site; with more pictures.)


And then there were more cars proudly displayed there, too.


More pictures from the show will be added to this site to give one more of a feel of what you may have missed. Please log in, share your experiences, sell a car, sell you services/business, or add an article of your own regarding your knowledge of cars and/or the people who love them.


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