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Written by Brian Lohnes on April 14, 2017
John Machaqueiro - Photographer;

Whether we’re talking about an old girlfriend, a big fish, or a car, everyone has the story of something that they thought was in their grasp and then got away. Typically, these stories don’t result in the thing that escaped later being possessed by the person that lost out on it. In the case of John Howard and this 1970 Challenger, it does and boy is this one a doozy. The best part is that both Howard and the Challenger have served to rescue each other at differing points in their respective lives. Better than any fish story, this is a big-block four-speed tale and instead of some tasty fillets on the grill there’s a machine with looks for days and the ability to fry tires for a fortnight.

The story begins with a chance encounter in 1976. While hanging out and bench racing at a friend’s speed shop, a guy pulled in with a 1970 Challenger he was looking to sell. Always out for a good deal, John Howard and his pal Tim Butler hopped in for a test drive. After some spirited cruising in the car a deal was struck and John would pay $1,200 for the 440-powered, four-speed machine as soon as he could get the money out of the bank the next morning.

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