1967 68 Shelby Mustang Fold Down Seat 1969 70 Mustang Mach 1 Fold Down Seat

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1967 68 Shelby Mustang Fold Down Seat 1969 70 Mustang Mach 1 Fold Down Seat 

Here we have a Fold Down setup for a 67-8 Shelby, Mustang, Fastback, or Eleanor / Bullitt clone. Included in this set are all the pieces to add the fold down assembly where the standard stationery setup was previously installed. This unit is equipped with original as well as reproduction parts where necessary to bring it up to like-new appearance. This kit includes the following (original pieces unless noted otherwise):

  • Leading Fold Down Carpeted area with new carpet and fresh paint
  • Stationery (following) section with bumper retainers and mounting hardware
  • Rear entry trap door without holes NO dents
  • Side latches (new reproduction pins)
  • Side Latch Covers (Original)
  • Rear Trap Door Latch (original)
  • Trap Door Support Rod Hinging Seat Support Plates (adjustment shims)
  • Complete Chrome Kit (borders the outside of the fold down area - new reproduction)

Also included in this kit to help with proper fit and installation are necessary screws to mount the latches, and everything else is a remove and replace process using your existing hardware as well as parts such as seat cushion and upper seat back.

Ever wanted to add a ready to install, nice looking fold down to your car? No need to chase parts down or worry about replacement of damaged items, this setup is complete and ready to install. We have detailed these items, find them to be without damage or repair, and know that this should satisfy most if not all.

This is the biggest part of the fold down seat set up used in all years of the Mustang Fastbacks as well as Mach 1's and Bosses 429 and 302's. We can help to please all your needs for the winning bidders model so ask questions so we can accommodate your needs.

Note: For those with 69 or 70 Shelby, Mustang, Mach 1, or Fastback fiberglass panels this complete setup will work just fine in your application. You will not need the latch covers, the latch pins are shorter, and the support arm is slightly different. We will adapt this auction to your 69 or 70 needs should you verify your application upon winning the auction.

This is just a part of our extensive inventory of seats, seat backs, fold downs, door panels, and other interior related parts and accessories

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