67 Fairlane Original 390 427 Radiator C7OE

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Here we have an original Ford Radiator for a 67 Fairlane with a big block 390 or 427 engine. The overall dimensions are approximately 24 1/4"x 24",  and is stamped C7OE on the side strap. The core measures 23 1/4" x 17 3/8" and the core thickness is 1 1/4". Although this unit came out of a 67 big block Fairlane we believe it will fit other years, but you should do your own research on this.

 We have inspected this vintage factory piece and find it to be in good used condition, given it's age. It has had a small solder repair to one of the tubes in the upper inner left corner at some point. We have chosen not to do any detailing or restoration, knowing that most owners will prefer to do their own. It was holding water when removed but we have not pressure tested and would suggest a quick trip to the radiator shop for peace of mind before installation.

This is a perfect fit for the discriminating owner intent on restoring their big block Fairlane to 100% original. This but one of the many radiators, intakes, heads, exhaust manifolds, dual point distributors, carbs, and many other under hood parts we choose to offer from our over 100,000 in stock vintage Mustang and early Ford parts. Mustang Masters, your one stop shop!!

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