Who Builds a 1923 Roadster with this kind of detail( S/N 7334192)??

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<strong>Who Builds a 1923 Roadster with this kind of detail ( S/N 7334192)?</strong>

Richard, the caretaker of his brother's <em>1923 Ford Roadster</em>, contacted me to help him research when this meticulously built roadster was created and more importantly who the craftsman who's eye for detail made it happen. Right off the bat I could see it's uniqueness by it's longer than normal wheelbase of 10 feet and it's second row seating. As I looked it over many other details began to come to light such as the original looking brass radiator and period head lamps. Sitting behind that big fat radiator was a MOPAR 360ci six-pack motor stuffed under one of the coolest air cleaner setups I've ever seen. It's shape and style had to be a fabricators fantasy come true especially once it was finished off with the engraved name of this roadster "Moon Shadow" accompanied with outstanding engraving of filigree found throughout the vehicle.

For starters we believe the car has roots in the New York area and get a vibe from the car that it was built sometime in the 70's but this is just a guess at best.

We'd love to hear from anyone who may be able lend a clue as to the origin of this special vehicle.
Fast Eddie

Fast Eddie
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