1967 Jaguar E-Type: A Beauty Awakens

2 years 10 months ago #558 by JP
JP created the topic: 1967 Jaguar E-Type: A Beauty Awakens

For the first two decades of its life, it gently traversed the streets of Southern California, driven by its actor-owner about 3,900 miles a year from his home to the nearby movie studios where he worked. Then, it went into a deep slumber in his garage for the next three decades, from 1986 until 2015, where it was discovered by the former owner of Ferrari Los Gatos, who found it a new home not a dozen miles from where it had spent its first half century of life.

Having accumulated just 78,000 miles in its first 20 years, and none in its next 30, this 1967 Jaguar XKE roadster reemerged in 2015 frozen in time, exactly as it came from Coventry in the early summer of 1967. Everything was original – it’s entire interior, including its leather seats, its glass, rubber and chrome, its paint and wire wheels, its optional removable hardtop, even its convertible fabric top and plastic rear window, as well as its hoses and clamps, and, of course, its 1967 California black-plate license plates that read, appropriately for this 67 Jag, “WOG 067.” Apart from its liquids, the only items on or in the car that were not present during its 1967 journey across the seas are a new set of tires (Dunlap 185 VR15s, of course), the aforementioned spark plugs, and a (Lucas, Series 1 correct) battery. Remarkably, all that was needed to bring the shine and reflection back to the original paint was a wash and some top quality car wax.

Having lived with it for 50 years, its owner was also fanatical about record keeping and documenting his XKE. When it was found in 2015, its trunk contained not just its original toolkit, owner’s manual, and service records, but, amazingly, factory provided wiring and mechanical schematics, maintenance vouchers, the new car dealer purchase order (stamped “Paid”) and receipt, its Maintenance Warranty, the Security and Financing Agreement, DMV and auto club registrations, and even contemporaneous advertisements for the car.

This car was built near the tail end of the Series 1 XKE run, before the switchover to the 1968 Series 1.5 XKEs with dual rather than triple carbs. Apart from the open headlights, this 1967 XKE has all the features of other 4.2 liter Series 1 XKEs built between 1965 – 1967, including the more powerful engine with triple SU carbs, a button actuated starter, center dash toggle switches, and polished aluminum cam covers.

Remarkably, all that was needed to put this 50-year old Jag back on the road were a new set of spark plugs, a battery, and new fluids – and, of course, a Hagerty classic car insurance policy for this 100% true survivor.

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1 year 5 months ago #1981 by blackfireball5
blackfireball5 replied the topic: 1967 Jaguar E-Type: A Beauty Awakens
This thing is pretty!

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1 year 4 months ago #1982 by fast eddie
fast eddie replied the topic: 1967 Jaguar E-Type: A Beauty Awakens
XKE's and Stingrays have always been my favorites since I first saw them in the 60's. This one is very well preserved. To bad we can't hear it run.

Fast Eddie

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