1929 Vintage Cars: Packard, and more

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1929 Packard Model 645

Across the Atlantic there were few cars which could rank with the great Europeans but, never­-the-less, such U.S. companies as Packard, Peerless and Pierce-Arrow (The Three Ps), Cadillac, Marmon and Mercer did manufacture some fine automobiles. Let's take a closer look.

1929 Packard, Model 645 Deluxe, Murphy, convertible sedan

1929 Packard Eight 2 or 4 passenger convertible coupe

1929 Peerless Roadster

1929 Peerless Roadster

1929 Pierce-Arrow Cabriolet, Model 143

The I929 Pierce-Arrow cabriolet is shown with typically American white-walled tires. The term 'cabriolet' refers to a car with a leather hood and glass windows which wind down into the paneling. The interior of the car tended to be cold and uncomfortable because of currents of cool air and the hood awkward to get down, so the cabriolet eventually disappeared from the scene.

1929 Pierce-Arrow Model 133 five passenger sedan

Pierce-Arrow was at its peak just before World War I and did well in reliability trials, but it lost money in the late twenties and came under the control of Studebaker.

1929 Pierce-Arrow, Model 143

1929 Cadillac

1929 Cadillac, Model 341B Roadster

1929 Marmon, Model 78 overhead valve straight 8

A popular type of body was the sedan, as on the I929 Marmon straight-eight (overleaf;. The Wall Street crash was disastrous for Marmon, and they went out of business in 1933. Their problem was that the cars were too expensive for the masses and not luxurious enough for the rich.

1922 Mercer, Series 5 Raceabout (couldn't resist showing it!)

1911 Mercer, Type 35, Raceabout (more beauty to behold)

1929 Mercer, Series b6, sporting

Thanks for traveling back in time with me. This article feels like deja vu to me; did I write about these bad boys already? Hmmm. It was worth a second look. Remember, Ed's Swap Meet.com is a website with a car corral, parts to buy or swap, and restoration expert and companies to get to know. Have a great day. JP

Cheers, Fast Eddie looking cool stuck in the sand of lovely Tampa, ummmm
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