1948 Hudson Super Six Vintage Car

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1948 Hudson Super Six

Hudson Super Six 1948

In 1948, Hudson's future could not have looked brighter. The feisty independent was one of the first with an all-new postwar design. This car was a step in a new direction. It's designer, Frank Spring, the car was a looker and it had the innovation that made people gravitate to it. Hudson had included what was called the "step down" design. It had unibody construction; the floor pan was suspended from the bottom of the chassis frame. The car was the lowest compared to any of its competitors. The car had handling that felt like it hugged the ground. Its six cylinder engine was not something to question because it performed well beyond any expectation assigned to a standard six. It was the car industry's front runner for that year.

1948 Hudson Super Six 4 door
All passenger were positioned between the axles for comfort. Car reviewers applauded the fact that back seat riders felt like they were really in the front of the car!

The Hudson triangle on the front of the hood dated back to 1909 when department store owner Joseph Hudson gave his name and financial backing to this automobile venture. The white triangle was actually illuminated.

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Hudson Super Six 1948: Notice that each segment of the split windshield was curved for partial wraparound. It's seen better above and below.

The wood-grain dash was actually painted metal. Can you tell?

More dash. Nice.

This was impressive to look at!

The 362cid six-cylinder was first used in 1948. It made the car one of the quickest on America's network of roads. For the 1951 model the engine was bored out to a 308cid and a racing legend was born below.

In 1951 the car evolved into the Hudson Hornet and it dominated NASCAR, stock car, racing to 1954. It was the unibody design that couldn't keep up with the car's evolution. Thus the 1953 looked much like the 1948 Hudson.

1954 Hudson Hornet

1954 Hudson Hornet Twin H

1954 Hudson Hornet

1957 Hudson Hornet. I like this style!

So, in 1954 Hudson merged with Nash Automotive which caused the cars demise by 1957...good bye.

This was the last model?? Really? I like it. Something else did this car in. It was not the design.

Thanks for checking in. Let's do more articles soon. Love looking at these wonderful works of engineering. I just wonder why they took so long to design the seatbelt. Curious, huh? Save lives? They obviously figured much harder things out. Oh well. Best to ya, JP
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