Eliminate the confusion when it comes to 1970-1974 E body radios!

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There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to 1970-1974 E body radios . I have created this page in an effort to educate the general public about how to easily identify a genuine Barracuda / Challenger radio , and not get stuck paying big bucks for a common C body or Truck radio ,which can look "similar" . Here are some tips you should know . First, All E body radios will have the antenna port located on the bottom of the radio . C & B body and Truck radios will have the antenna port on the back or the side, never the bottom. Antenna port on the bottom is a feature unique to E body radios only. The next unique feature can be seen when looking at the front of the radio. Notice in the pictures below , the front metal face of the radio. Look toward the bottom . In the lower corners you will see two small "platforms" extending outward , with the alignment pins in the middle. Notice the "platform" on the left is a rectangle shape , and the one on the right is a square shape. ALL E-body radios have this feature and ONLY E body radios have these . <em>This is the easiest way to identify a true E body radio.</em> It does not matter if it is an AM, AM 8-Track thumbwheel, AM FM Thumbwheel, or AM FM knob style. If it's an E body, it will have a small rectangular platform on the left, and a square on the right . Study the pictures below and see exactly what you just read .Commit that fact to memory, and you will be ok at the swap meet , or e-bay .

Here we have a 1970-71 AM . Notice the station preset buttons are Chrome. ALL 70 and most if not all 71 radios will have chrome buttons .

Next up, we have a 1970 AM 8-track. This radio is unique to 1970 only. This is the only year an 8-track was available in an E body. Part number 2884 610 .Also notice, this is AM only. There never was an AM FM 8-track available for E bodies, ever. Period. Those AM FM 8-track radios you see on e-bay are in fact C body radios.

Now we have a 70-71 AM FM . Notice this is a thumbwheel radio. All 70-71 E body AM FMs are thumbwheel style. There are actually 2 different model designs , however, they are visually identical from the front. The 70 model used a Phillips radio, part# 2884658 and 71 used the Motorola unit you see here, part # 3501050, easily identifiable as the 71 unit by the cassette lead on back. All E body AM FMs as well as AM 8-tracks are stereo units, and require a 3 speaker dash and crossover box (located behind glove box/ we service these as well).

This is the bottom side of a 1970 Phillips AM FM # 2884658 . Notice the Antenna port is located on the bottom of the radio . This holds true for ALL E body radios 1970-1974 . Also note the unique location of the mounting bolt holes at the bottom front of the radio .

Pictured above is a VERY RARE 1971 AM with cassette lead.

This is a 72-74 AM. Notice the black preset buttons . Chrome buttons were found on 70-71 Only. Also please note, although the AM FMs and AM 8-tracks were thumbwheel designs in 70 (71) , the AM is always going to be a knob style radio 70-74.

And finally, we have a 72-74 AM FM. Knob style, with black buttons of course. And there you have the entire E body radio lineup, from 1970-1974.

This is a 1970 8-track bezel . This particular one is <strong>correct for Barracuda</strong>. Notice the "character line" which follows the contours of the character line found in the dash pad. The Challenger bezel lacks this feature.

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