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The Volo Auto Museum is where memories are created and traditions begin. Located just outside of Chicago, our museum was built from a genuine 1800’s farm and features many of the original buildings with their country charm and character sprawled out over 35 acres. Featuring over 33 Exhibits, the museum is home to numerous iconic and pop-culture Americana artifacts that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Our family friendly exhibits span from Vintage Cars to Mickey Mouse creating an experience the entire family can enjoy.

TV/Movie Cars

Ever wonder what your favorite TV or Movie car looks like up-close and personal? What does the interior look like in the Ecto-1? Are the doors really welded shut on the General Lee? We've assembled one of the best collections of famous Hollywood cars in the world. See cars that can only be found here, like the original Miami Vice Daytona or Paul Walkers Subaru from Fast 7. Iconic TV cars like the Munster-mobiles and more.

Classic Cars

From wooden spokes and white wall tires to fins, chrome and horsepower. Over 300 of the most popular cars manufactured from the early teens thru the nineteen seventies. Do we have the car you drove when you got married? Or the car your parents had when you were a kid? Does your child know where the term "roll your window up" came from? Reminisce in the "good old days" or simply gaze over the lines and stylings of cars from yesterday.

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