1968 Mercury Cougar

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1968 Mercury Cougar 4.9L


- Vinyl Seats - Front Bucket Seats 
- Cassette Player 

Listing Description

Howdy everyone
NOTE-have not loaded all the pics yet!!
NOTE-now have correct vin!!
Have a great car was my fathers when he was in high school. he parked it years ago but never got around to finish it. but he did manage to part out 3 more along the way to your getting the main car and parts enough to make another 2 body's .I have literally hundreds and hundreds of parts I tried to take pics of it all but stopped around 200 pics.
there are 2 trans to pic from a automatic and a short shaft manual
there is no motor in the car that went to my fathers truck years ago
I have so many multiples of stuff its not funny! steering columns, front fenders (got 3 each side), brackets for the motors, auto fold headlights, drivelines, window cranks, center consoles, and a tone more
Any questions please and I have no problems digging a item out for a pic for someone
These cars list for 13000 in rough to fair condition and your getting enough car/parts to at least make 2 decent cougars! 
I will be making a list of all the parts
this list dosent include the parts on the car
L+R exhaust pipes 302
multiple buckets of brackets and nuts n bolts
x2 thermostat housing
L+R hood hinge
x4 window crank - rear
rear view mirror
chrome wiper arms
a pile of trim (leather and chrome)
x2 steering columns
x2 drivelines
x4 left fenders
x4 right fenders
L+R rear quarter panels (from A-pillar back)
x2 hoods
trunk lid
x4 fog lights front trim
x2 front bumper
rear bumper
x3 left door
x2 right door
x2 trans (automatic and short shaft 3-speed)
front coil springs
center console from xr7
L+R door panel from xr7
x3 L+R window cranks with glass - front
x2 dash backings
x2 dash leather trim
Full disc brake conversion kit (complete!)
x3 instrument cluster
x3 L+R auto headlight
x3 L+R tail lights
x3 front clip center emblem
glove box

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General Information

Id: 396

Condition: Barn Find

Vincode: 8f91c534916

Year: 1968

Car Type: Project Car

Engine size: 4.9 L

Engine: V8 Small Block

Aspiration: 2BBL

Exterior Color: Black

Interior Color: Blue

Body Type: Coupe

Transmission: 3-Gear Manual

Drive: Rear Wheel Drive

Doors: 2

Seats: 3

Price: $ 10,000 

Estimated Value: $ 15,000 

Vehicle Location

Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Douglasville

Seller Information

Name: david lowry

Username: Mr_Truck_Guy

CellPhone: 404-279-0692

Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Douglasville

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