1933 Street Rod 1933-1934 Ford 5 Window Coupe 1 1/2" Chop

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1933 Street Rod 1933-1934 Ford 5 Window Coupe 1 1/2" Chop

Listing Description


Built To Your Specifications!



1 1/2" Chop Top

Includes Assembled Body on Rolling Chassis & Radiator Shell 


30% Deposit Down Required with Order. Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.
Balance is Due Upon Completion by Cash, Cashier’s Check Or Bank Wire Transfer.

* Prices are subject to change without notice. Tours of facility by appointment only please.




All fiberglass parts are hand rolled in Isotalic Resins. Glass material is a combination of chopped Glass, Matte, Unchopped Roving & Unidirectional Weave. While many debate the different techniques of laying up as being the “best”, we have found that only a combination of all the layup methods produce a superior quality “street use” car body. Having made thousands of bodies since 1984, our opinion is backed by substantial experience over a long period of time.



  • Doors are 5” Longer than Stock
  • Body Shell, Firewall, Floor Pan, Inner & Outer Doors, & Dash Dimensionally correct body with ash Hardwood Reinforcement installed
  • Doors Hinged with Safety Latches Installed
  • All Steel Reinforcement Installed & attached to Wood before bonding.
  • Dash Installed
  • All Body Mounts set in steel
  • Steel Grid laminated in floor
  • Window Trim Provided


  • 1 Piece Hood Top
$  200
  • ‘33 RADIATOR Shell
$  160
  • Fender Set with Front & Rear Fenders Running Boards, Gas Tank Cover, Inner Fenders (9 Pieces)
  • Window Trims (5 Pieces)
$  210
  • Exterior Door Handles
$  450
  • Trunk Handle with Latch Installed

$  250

  • Exposed Hinges (6 Pieces)

$  600

  • Aluminum Windshield Frame

$  295

  • Cowl Vent Installed

$  495

  • '33 Billet Grille Insert

$  670

  • Stage II Chassis All X Members, K Bracing, Fully Boxed, Brake Pedal/MC/Booster Mount, Front Shock/Hairpin Mounts, Drop Out Trans X Member


  • Add for Mustang II X Member

$  300

  • Rolling Chassis with Hairpin/4 Bar Front Suspension, I Beam Axle, Vega Box Mount, Brake Pedal, Brake Pedal/MC/Booster Mount. Drivetrain Mounts, 9” Ford Housing & Axles, Triangulated 4 Bar or Posie Parallel Leaves Rear Suspension, Rotors, Bearings & Seals, Caliper Brackets all 4 corners.
  • Coilovers not included


  • Upgrade to New 9” Housing with 31 Spline Axles, Bearings, Seals & Hardware

$  450


Q. What's the best way for most people to build a car? 
A. Start with a Rolling Assembly!

The engineering and fabricating is done. With optional powder coating of the chassis, most cars are only 80 to 100 hours of plumbing, wiring and assembly from their first shakedown drive!
    The body delivered in a rolling assembly is actually built on the chassis it is delivered with. Because of this approach, no shimming is required for proper door fit. When the body is removed for underside paint and further work on the chassis, it will usually require no adjustment when bolted back onto the frame.
    All rollers include front and rear suspension, drive train mounts, radiator mounts, fuel tank mounts, master cylinder-booster-brake pedal mounts, brake pedal, and all body mounts.
    Model A's include front and rear 4 bars with drop axle, early Ford spindles with disc brake conversion (requires customer supplied G. M. caliper), new rotors, bearings, drag link and Vega box mount. Customer can choose hairpins and a Super Bell I beam at no additional charge. Rear end consists of a narrowed 9" with resplined axles (no center section), rotors and caliper brackets (requires customer supplied G.M. caliper). We highly suggest the optional new John's Industries rear end housing and axles. This unit has a round back housing centered and includes new axles, new bearings, new seals, new hardware, and gasket. John's has a wide range of center sections and brakes available for this unit.
        In 32's and 34's customers can also choose a Posie semi-elliptical rear suspension instead of the tri-four bar. Rear shocks are included in the Posie kit. Coil over shocks must be purchased separately for the tri-4bar rears for '28 - '34 Fords.  '33 - '34 Ford rollers can also be equipped with Mustang style front suspension with tubular arms and a polished rack at no additional charge.  Willys rollers include 4 wheel disc brakes, narrowed 9" (no center section). '36-'37 Fords and Lincolns have tubular independent front suspension, Posie or tri-4 bar rears and can be set up for Air Ride Technologies components at no additional charge.
     Pro-Streeting available on any cars at an additional charge (Willys coupes and roadsters are already Pro-Street. Non Pro-Street is available).
    Chrome and stainless options are available on almost all suspension pieces.  Steering columns installed, pinching, bobbing, C-notching, channeling, independent rear suspension and most anything else you dream of is also available.

Do you know the difference between a street rod, a hot rod, and a rat rod? The differences can be hard to understand, so we put together this infographic with some information about the different styles, their origins, and even associations and clubs that still celebrate these custom cars.

Street Rod

street rod is an automobile of 1948 or earlier that has undergone some modernization to the engine, transmission, interior, or anything else. It’s a non-racing vehicle used for enjoyment. The more family friendly version of the hot rod.

Hot Rod

Similar to the street rod, the hot rod is an automobile of 1948 or earlier that has undergone some modernization to the engine, transmission, interior, or anything else. A hot rod has a more “souped up” engine because it is designed for racing. The engine is often exposed.

Rat Rod

The term “rat rod” refers to an unfinished appearance of a hot rod. Basically a hodge-podge of car parts. When a part does not work or needs to be replaced, you don’t go to the store to buy a new piece, you simply find it off of another vehicle and attache it on.


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General Information

Id: 615

Year: 1933

Car Type: Street Rods

Body Type: Coupe

Drive: Rear Wheel Drive

Doors: 2

Seats: 2

Price: $ 13,800 

Vehicle Location

Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Kankakee

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Name: Street Rods by Davviki

Username: davviki001

Phone: (815) 933-5770

Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Kankakee

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