Ed's Project Car Swap Meet is a product of two personal frustrations about our hobby. As a car buff and collector, I regularly use the internet to find cars for sale, parts for my project cars, literature, shows, and ideas. I would find myself hopping from site to site gathering bits of information. I wanted one place where I could get all this information. In sharing this frustration one day with a fellow car enthusiast friend, who happens to build websites for a living, he said we can build that. The other element that was most intriguing to me was the ability to find cars in various stages of restoration.  I could not find a good source for project vehicles. There was a smattering in the usual classic car websites but no single source to go to first. That’s where the convergence of these two challenges presented a solution: a website that was intended for the car restoration enthusiast. We have gathered the tools needed here in one place, and tweaked them to provide you with information in the way you need it.

Established in 2014 our website debut was at Daytona Turkey Rod Run where we demoed our new concept in swap meet shopping and had on display a variety of project and custom cars for sale. Since that time we have have dramatically increased the scope of our website and the number of events we display at every year.
Today our business, Ed's Project Car Swap Meet, is comprised of 2 primary components: our classic car parts and services online swap meet directory website (edsswapmeet.com) and our marketing and website development services business.

We hope you find this site useful and enjoyable. We welcome your feedback and ideas on how we can make this site better. Drop me a line.

Happy Hunting!

Ed Bollmann
Head Car Nut



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