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1961 Chevrolet SS 409 Muscle Car

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Chevrolet was the first to offer real horsepower to the masses in 1955. Then the guys who brought you "The Hot One" followed that up six years later, i.e., 1961, The 409 legend began in 1958 when Chevrolet introduced a 348-cubic-inch V-8, often called a 'AW-head." This acronym was created because of the pattern made by its alternating valve positions. Look down on top of a 348 cylinder head and the valves traced out a "W"-or an "M" depending on your relative position. (For those of you who love trivia.)

The Beach Boys sang about this engine, "she's real fine, my "409." I'm sure they weren't talking about the weight of their girlfriend at the time. The motor DESERVED a song of its own. Nice job, Brian Wilson. I still got that song queued on my best of CD.

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Tech talk time now; put on your thinking cap for muscle cars. First and foremost, boring out the 348 block was not suggested because it is said there wasn't enough cast-iron in place between the water jacket and cylinders. Engineers had to recast the block to increase the bore then they stretched the stroke to produce the displacement that helped people like my brother break speed limits in third gear.

More tech stuff to come: hold your head tight so it doesn't explode all over your wife's lovely furniture. From there, modifications were plenty, so much that swapping parts between the 348 and 409 was basically out of the question. New forged aluminum pistons featured centered wrist pins and symmetrical valve reliefs milled straight across the piston top in pairs. Their 348 counterparts had offset wrist pins and one large intake relief, one smaller exhaust relief, meaning two opposite sets of four pistons were required. All 409 pistons interchanged regardless of which cylinder bank they belonged to. Now that you know that, world peace is just around the corner. If only the world knew this trivia, we'd all have that goofy smile on our faces. Oh well, too bad for them who don't know what is in our heads now….hmmmm, should I have said that?

Anyway, for those of you who can't read, we got lots more pictures to look at. Have fun on me.

Just the facts:

  • Production: 453 Impala Super Sports with both engines, 348 and 409-409 V-8 production is listed at 142 with no break-down given as to model {some went into Bel Airs, Biscaynes, etc.)
  • Performance: 14.2 seconds at 98.14 mph in the quarter-mile, according to Motor Trend
  • Brakes: four-wheel
  • Suspension: drums independent A-arms w/coil springs in front; four-link live axle with coil springs in hack
  • Transmission: Muncie four-speed manual
  • Torque: 409 at 3,600 rpm
  • Horsepower: 360 at 5,800 rpm
  • Compression: 11.25:1
  • Induction: single Carter four-barrel carburetor
  • Engine: 409 cubic-inch "W-head" V-8
  • Original price: $3,500, approximately
  • Weight: 3,737 pounds
  • Wheelbase: 119 inches

Now more pictures:

Cheers, Fast Eddie

1960 Plymouth Sonoramic Commando
Dead Man's Curve Car Show 2016: Labor Day: NJ Best


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