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General Lee arrives with its Confederate Flag and lots of Viewers

On July 10, 2015, the General Lee with its Confederate flag and two stars of the Dukes of Hazard that drove the car on the TV show were at the Carlisle Pennsylvania MOPAR car show to talk about the car, pose for photographs, and just have a lot of fun with a large portion of the 40,000 people who attended the event.

Since all the hoopla over the show being cancelled from reruns because of the Confederate flag on the car's roof only recently happened, people were jazzed and anxious to view the subject of all the excitement! The Carlisle promoters probably couldn't have been more pleased with TVLand's decision to stop the reruns due to the TV Network's super sensitivity to the flag on the roof of the car. The car was one of the many topics discussed at this gigantic car show!

Not surprising, there were some kiosks at the show that had Rebel flags for sale. However, no one was seen buying one or carrying one around. When asked, everyone we spoke to said basically the same thing about all this nonsense. They all said they watched the show when they were young for the long legged lady and the cool car that had lots of "guts under the hood." The flag simply reminded them that the show took place in the south (Georgia) and those actors were just "good ole boys" having fun on each show driving a super cool car with a beautiful gal at their sides. Yup, it was that simple.

Again, not one person had a racist comment to make about the car or the flag. However, they did say they thought the Network was run by fools (my word, since mine are much more appropriate for a PG rated story).

The sellers of the flags were just trying to cash in on the network's stupidity; no one was seen buying one. In fact, none were seen by us in anyone's hand that walked the 60 acres of cars, car stuff and excellent food vendors. (Oh yeah, we did see some people who had a small American flag in their hand, hat or pant pocket. (We didn't ask them about the flags. We get it. God bless America!)

All said, 40,000 people had a lovely weekend and enjoyed seeing plenty of awesome show cars and many found the parts they need to finish their own dream car. By the way, those who knew who Bubba Watson, the PGA golfer who paid $200,000 for a General Lee is, they thought his tweet that he would put the American flag on the car's roof was also dumb. Each interviewee kept repeating this generic message; it was never about racism; it's about a cool car from the south. Bubba….do ya get it yet? Many also said to Bubba, "Good luck getting your $200,000 back when it's time to sell the car."

Written by JP.

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