Our valued sponsor at Ed's Project Car Swap Meet.com, Brut Manufacturing Company, produces automotive repair, restoration, and sandblasting equipment for customers ALL around the world. Brut Manufacturing was founded in 1975 by Lynn Neiss - a body shop owner and auto body repair instructor. Neiss was frustrated by the lack of high-quality racks, benches, and stands needed to support and hold the various body panels and parts during his repair and restoration processes. As a result, he relied on his many years of valuable experience to create a substantial company, Brut Manufacturing to resolve these problems. Thus, Brut Manufacturing now offers car shop owners and restoration experts the best quality, designed and unique sand blasting, door and bumper holders, and more, in the automotive industry.

This business started in a small garage but today Brut Manufacturing operates out of its 25,000 square foot facility in Navarre, Ohio! Each Brut product is hand manufactured by its skilled technicians who are dedicated to superior craftsmanship. Their attention to detail ensures the company's products will be a key component to your success in completing the quality work your clients demand. This dedication by our team of experts toward manufacturing high quality products has made Brut a leader in the industry. It provides its vast list of clients with sandblasting and other equipment that their auto body shops need to succeed.

Best Sandblasting Technology Today

For example, there is now a new material on the market that practically reinvents the world of sandblasting. The material is crushed glass media. Crushed glass media is the very best for blasting and cleaning sheet metal body panels for automotive restoration. It will not warp 20 GA sheet metal and will etch the surface making it perfect for body filler or primer and paint. Blasting at 90 psi on metal and 70 psi on fiberglass works best when using 40-70 grit size. Learn more by contacting them personally or thru their advertisement in our Experts section of this website.

Bumper Stands

But there is more to this diverse company. Take a look at their unique bumper stands:

Custom Door Holders

Need something to hold that door while you work it?

Again, to learn more about Brut's product-line,
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The following pictures demonstrate Brut's pursuit of, and ability to produce quality products. Brut used its own hand-made equipment to restore these automobiles:

Why not give them a try, since this work represents what you can expect from this company's line of products.

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