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Welcome to Ed’s Project Car Swap Meet

Who are we? What are we? Will you run to us or away from us? These are important questions and they are the key to our readers understanding why we are, possibly, the new wave of community for car lovers from all points around this huge and wonderful world.

Who are we?

Simply put, we're a couple of car loving maniacs who want you to enjoy every aspect of car collecting, car selling, and car building from one convenient spot on the internet. And, we want to entertain you! This is more than a website. We are becoming the conduit for every type and kind of car lover to share their car, buy a car, locate expert services and products from shopping at one site. It's all going to be here; one stop shopping!

In addition, we have so many interesting areas to explore during your visit. All you to have to do is simply sit back and spend an evening reading about old cars, custom cars, muscle cars, your car, vintage cars, their makers, their buyers and about those experts who want you to contact them to work with you toward getting your car either spruced up, repaired, sold and/or help you buy the right car.

How will we do this?

As we tool this endeavor together, this humungous undertaking, you will share in the excitement of seeing people come together to share their love for every type of car at one website. We will do this by making this the easiest website you have ever used. We will also do this by making it so easy for you to understand how to post your thoughts (for free), your pictures and stories (for free), your articles about cars (for free), your products and your professional car services at very reasonable rates.

Each section has a "drop down" that will help you refine your searches of the website to very specific cars, products, articles of interest and service providers from all parts of America. In addition, you will know you are reaching the car world. That's right, the car WORLD. Our Google reports tell us we are reaching people in Germany, Israel, England, Scandinavia and other countries; that's up to 12% of our views are from distant lands. Ed's Project Car Swap Meet website is creating a community of car lovers that will serve one another and entertain car lovers alike from all parts of the world.

And you can be a part of it by simply logging in and supplying your thoughts, your pictures, and your articles about automobiles for free, your advertisements for car sales, parts and professional services at a reasonable cost.
(And by the way, don't be embarrassed, despite our making this so simple, I personally still need to call the customer help line, i.e., Ed, to get things done. You too, can make such calls to Ed's Project Car Swap Meet.)

Simply give us a call for a guiding voice or we'll create your user information, then set up your car for sale ad, or help you create a listing for your business (that will tie into your current website, if that's all you want) for a reasonable fee. And yes, we do have PayPal or you can give us you confidential credit card info or simply send us your check.

We are the easiest website to use. If you're reading this, you know this is the truth.

Why create an Account?

Create an account so you can participate with our website. Don't just be an unknown who comes and goes. We like that, don't get us wrong, but we want YOU to post things with us (in good taste, of course). We are a family and we want family friendly fun to abound from these pages. Husbands, your wives will be able to join you as you show her your post of the two of you at the car show. Kids, show us that dream car you saw at that show. Sellers, design (with our help, if needed) a post of your car, your auto parts or your car building or repairing services to people from all around America. You'll find our costs much more to your liking especially when your volume of sales goes way up. We are not one of those sell sites that takes a portion of the set up and then the sale price. We ask for a one time inexpensive advertising fee. Cheers and good luck to you.

Thank you!

As Americans who love this country, we are so glad there are still things innocent, pure and wholesome to do in this great country. There is baseball, football and car shows and car owning. Join is in keeping car owning one of our great joys.

God bless America and thank you to every veteran who gave to keep this country great! Enjoy your time here on

We love ya,

Fast Eddie and JP

1971 Road Runner - If passion is the freedom to li...
1951 Studebaker Woodie - Never Slow Down


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