User Guide to Registering and Creating a FREE Classified Listing

From the Main Menu Select "My Account" the select "Login / New User"

1 User Guides Home page 2

Register by Filling the Required Fields below and then selecting the "Register" button on the Bottom Of The Page2 User Guides Registration Page

Log In the by entering the username and password saved on the prior page

3 User Guides Registration Log in Page

Now that you are logged in select the "My Classifieds" Button.  This will display additional buttons. Select the "Add / Edit / View" button to Create a new Listing.

4 User Guides Select My Classifieds

Click The "New" Button to create a new Listing.

Note Classifieds already created will display on the page for further editing.

5 User Guides Select Create a New Listing

Be sure to look for the "User Guide" Buttons for additional help creating a listing

6 User Guides Get Help Creating a New Listing