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64 65 66 Mustang Auto Floor Shifter Nice Rebuilt Automatic Shifter

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Here we have a fine example of an original automatic shifter for a 64 65 66 Mustang with the factory floor shift. This piece is for a non console version ( we have them also though ) and is ready to install. The early Mustang brought the shifter to the floor unlike its predecessor the Falcon. This was a sporty move and added a performance feeling. We've replaced the handle with a new, Made in the USA T Handle. The replacement lens is bright and clear as shown in the photos, and the indicator light wiring is intact with no cut or spliced ends, making it an easy 'plug in and go' installation as all cars were wired from the factory for these shifters. This unit has been bead-blasted, repainted, and rebuilt with new bushings, and we see no reason why this unit once properly installed would bring anything but joy to its new owner. We have a large inventory of shifters which we frequently offer on eBay, and this unit represents some of the best that we have to offer. Don't let this one escape!