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1969 70 Mach 1 Staggered Shock Plates 428 CJ 429 Boss 302 Staggered Shock Plates

Listed by: Mustang Masters
$295.00 (Listing) Weight: 6 lb
Width: 10 in
Length: 10 in
Height: 10 in

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1969 70 Mach 1 Staggered Shock Plates 428 CJ 429 Boss 302 Staggered Shock Plates

Here we have a pair of original used Staggered Shock Mounting Plates for a Boss 302 or 428 Drag-Pac equipped Shelby GT500, Mustang Mach 1 428 Super Cobra Jet, or Cougar Eliminator. Ford offered the Drag Pac option on many of their Factory sponsored race cars, and the Staggered Shocks were a critical component to the upgraded suspension package offered on these cars. Also included are the heavy duty mounting ubolts for installation.

Performance cars such as the Boss offered a trunk floor with an additional bracket support set up welded in to accept a offset staggered shock. This design change was offered to assist in the rear end torque displacement helping to keep traction loss at a minimum aiding in superior handling and cornering.

These pieces have been inspected, and found to be with no welds, or repairs although the larger stronger bolts are not Ford stock. Genuine original plates, we find these units to have minor wear although the metal is not a compromised part. Removed from a 69 Mach 1 they will function fine. These plates allow for proper mounting of the shock on the left side of the car, and offers superior quality, and durability over the standard shock mounting plates.

If you're the owner of one of these high performance vehicles, you know how difficult Drag Pac components can be to locate. Perhaps you're upgrading your stock Mustang to the Drag Pac option, and are piecing together the required components. In either case, these are original pieces are sure to please driven cars but show car owners might need extra attention. Keep on watching as we are going to offer the additional part to complete this package here on Ebay!

This is just a part of our extensive inventory of early Mustang Shock Plates, shocks, parts, and related accessories