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1973 Mustang Torino 351C 4 V Carburetor D3ZF-MA Lifetime Warranty Carbs Ask Us

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$795.00 (Listing) Weight: 20 lb
Width: 12 in
Length: 12 in
Height: 12 in

Product Code: SB-00037
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Here we have a ready to install Rebuilt Motorcraft 4300-D 4 barrel 715 CFM factory carburetor with part number D3ZF-MA and comes complete with the Motorcraft ID tag. Ford engineers offered several different styles of the 4300 series carburetors and this model is correct for a 73 Mustang, Torino, or Cougar equipped with a 351 Cleveland. This carb is for a vehicle with air conditioning and automatic transmission as you can tell from the kickdown linkage.This Factory carburetor has been professionally rebuilt and this restored unit is ready to install complete with a lifetime quality guarantee. First it was tanked, then tumbled with an inspection of all parts to assure its reliability. Next the pieces were dipped to original Di-chromate finish color or polished to meet original specs. Next the shafts are sleeved then it is put back together with quality parts. Now you will have a flawless, modification free carb returned to its original fit and function, don't miss out.This ready to install carburetor has been live motor tested to assure its working condition. The functionality will please the new owner as it was rebuilt to Ford specs using only the best of parts. All parts are free moving as Ford designed without binding or drag. Simply install with provided gaskets and enjoy! There were no signs of damage or repairs on this good clean core when we started with it. This highly sought after original carburetor can simply be installed then enjoy this unit. Bring your car back to the stock application with this hard to find factory carburetor designed to fit and get you moving down the road.Should you need a standard shift 3 or 4 speed unit we have one that is just before going to the rebuild shop just let us know and we will start the auction just for you.