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64 65 66 Mustang Convertible Full Length Console Auto or Manual Nicely Detailed

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$395.00 (Listing) Weight: 35 lb
Width: 16 in
Length: 40 in
Height: 16 in

Product Code: SB-00108
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Here we have an nice used Factory Center Console for a 64 65 / 66 Mustang Convertible with an Automatic or Standard transmission. Ford offered this option to its Mustangs to dress up the interior between the buckets seats. A nice addition this piece slides under the dash and screws to the floor on the side designated mounting area. This unit can even be trimmed for an air conditioning unit and adds style completing the interior design. Also includes wiring to power the fully functional courtesy lights one under dash and one on the back end lighting the rear seat area of the interior.This freshly reconditioned console has been disassembled, inspected replacing needed parts then cleaned and detailed. The chrome has only very minor pitting which we detailed away. We feel that this would be a good addition to a clean driven Mustang. This original piece offers driver quality top trim plates, courtesy light and harness which illuminates when the doors are opened a nice addition to your classic. There are no marks or repairs to the console body even though we did re-dye this original black frame to dress up the finish. The trim plates were also repainted to add to the look and even the courtesy light and lens are freshened up it’s a fine original piece. Should you have a need you can swap the shift plate this console can work for a standard shift such as a 3, 4 or 5 speed transmission.It has a new convenience light lens, clean original ashtray, and the top plates have been cleaned and detailed to their original look. Complete with all wiring and easy to install self tapping mounting screws  needed to install, this console is going to make some Mustang owner VERY happy!