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64 65 66 NOS FORD Mustang Convertible Passenger Side Quarter Panels C5ZZ7627846

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Here we have a Passenger Side NOS Quarter Panel for a 1964-6 Mustang Convertible. This nice piece has never been installed, is in very good condition, and still has all of the inspection and part number stickers intact on the back side. Very little shelf wear on this original item means that you'll have them installed and on the way to the paint booth in no time at all.This panel is an earlier edition, as you can tell by the red oixde primer (later versions used black). The Body panels tended to be stored away and never looked at until they are needed which would explain the solid condition of this panel as evidence of that fact. When we removed these from their storage boxes, we were very happy that this primer did its job well.Why use ill-fitting reproduction or 'original tooling' parts which never quite measure up to true gennie body panels? The money you'll save by not having to pay for (or do) body work and Bondo makes NOS panels like these a real bargain! Proper fit, crisp corners, heavy gauge, proper stamping... you can't beat original Ford quality!