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1969 Mustang Mach1 Rim Blow Steering Wheel 1969 Cougar XR7 Torino Steering Wheel

Listed by: Mustang Masters
$595.00 (Listing) Weight: 15 lb
Width: 24 in
Length: 24 in
Height: 10 in

Product Code: SB-00017
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Here we have an original restored 3 Spoke Deluxe Steering Wheel. This wheel, part of the deluxe interior, was Ford's sporty wheel offered for this year. The standard wheel, having 2 spokes, did not come with the wood grain effect that was offered in the deluxe interior package on the door panels. Ford used these sporty wheels in Mustang, Mach 1, Grande, Torino, Cobra, Ranchero, Fairlane, Galaxie, Lincoln and about any Ford vehicle available with the deluxe interior during this time. The only difference being the pad and trim emblem, an easy swap on the center pad on the Mustang, Mach 1 and Torino.  Shown in the photos are the Cougar, Mustang, Mach 1, or Grande pad installed. Your application may be the Torino, Fairlane, Galaxie or Ranchero and an emblem exchange from your pad can make this set correct for your car. This auction is for this beautiful wheel and one pad (correct for your application). Should you want the Mustang Pad it can be dyed to match the wheel to give it that proper look once installed in your vehicle. These wheels were offered by Ford Motor Company as well as Lincoln Mercury in deluxe interior cars such as Cougars, XR7's, Cyclones, and Comets.Taking factory original wheels that have seen better days, bringing them back to life to offer them to you on eBay in freshly restored, good working order. Have a broken down or beat one? We'd be happy to hear from you as we take trade ins and even buy them outright.