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71 72 73 Mustang Mach 1 Disc Brake Kit Torino Disc Cougar Real Deal FORD Rebuilt

Listed by: Mustang Masters
$695.00 (Listing) Weight: 110 lb
Width: 16 in
Length: 24 in
Height: 16 in

Product Code: SB-00033
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Here we have a fresh set of early disc brakes for a Mustang Cougar or Torino. This original set was designed for and removed from a 71 Mustang Mach 1 and are unlike the aftermarket and 'force fit' sets offered often on eBay. The rotors, bearings, pads and lines are new, but all other components of this ready to install kit are original Ford and sure to increase your braking.We've cleaned, detailed, and inspected this set, and find them to be without damage or repairs. The rotors pads are great quality and included is an original rebuilt Ford Master Cylinder with lid, and an original proportioning valve for a trouble free installation.  We've even added a new brake pedal pad Standard or Auto to match you application to complete the assembly. This setup will easily install in Mustangs, Cougars, Fairlanes even Torino Torino's from 67 - 68 or 69 - 70 even 71 - 73. In 1970 Ford engineers enlarged the rotor size to increase the stopping capacity of these classic cars. The good news is that these will fit with proper fit and finish although those with 67 - 69 cars might have to exchange the tie rod end to properly fit this spindle.Why put a set of ill-fitting Granada brakes on your car when you can have a nice original set with new lines, bearings, and rotors from our friends at Napa Auto Parts for similar money? Note:  For you early Mustang owners - tie-rod end swap will be necessary to that of a 71 Mustang for proper fit in your early Mustang.