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71 72 73 Mach 1 Center Console 71 73 Mustang Console 71 73 Cougar Center Console

Listed by: Mustang Masters
$450.00 (Listing) Weight: 40 lb
Width: 19 in
Length: 51 in
Height: 17 in

Product Code: SB-00044
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Ford, Mercury
71, 72, 73
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Here we have a nice center console for a 71-73 Mustang, Mach 1, or Cougar XR7. The signature item of the bucket seat package fills the void between the front bucket seats. In addition this unit was designed to add storage as well as comfort with the arm rest level aligning with the door panel arm rest height. It also offered a clock that mirrored the look of the other gauges and a ash tray. Cleaned, detailed, and inspected, this console is in good condition and would look great in a daily driver or better car. The latch works, the lid seals, and slider over the center ashtray all works   properly. The clock works intermittently and is not guaranteed. These clocks are spotty on there performance so you can add a quartz conversion to fix that problem or contact us for a quote. We do offer all wiring and hardware necessary for a trouble free installation for you to enjoy.This unit was restored and we had 2 minor areas that received a little attention by our craftsman detailer in which we strengthened the compromised areas to assure an enjoyable, durable long life performance in your vehicle. These small repairs have been made from the underside so as to be almost undetectable from the visible top side once installed in your car. A very nice piece that is easily added in about 1 minute although it might take a few more minutes to mount it in securely. A nice addition to dress up & complete your interior of your car so adding or upgrading you'll enjoy.Whether you are replacing a damaged or missing unit, you will find this piece includes everything necessary to make the installation complete. Our specialty, taking 40+ year old pieces and making them ready for those who are enjoying their cars and need pieces to accent their clean interior.