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Ford NOS 289 Hipo Aluminum Intake Shelby 289 / 302 Aluminum Intake Mustang C90X

Listed by: Mustang Masters
$595.00 (Listing) Weight: 20 lb
Width: 18 in
Length: 28 in
Height: 16 in

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C90X-9424 B
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Here we have a NOS original Ford over the counter performance aluminum intake part number C90X-9424 B for a small block Ford. This dual plane 289 / 302 Factory high rise intake manifold was offered over the counter by Ford as a replacement for the cast iron version used on cars such as the Shelby Clones and more. Unlike the cast Shelby this is a great piece for the Mustang Fairlane Ranchero Torino and other owners its a great piece.

The other models needed a performance package  to substitute for the 'Cobra' used this as Fords alternative to get the job done by adding a powerful 4 barrel  with a unlabeled front pawl. Identical in design to its counter part Cobra intake, which was engineered as a racing product by Ford's designers. This piece was instant horsepower, easily bolted on, and when properly mated with a carburetor, a successful upgrade.  Our inspection revealed no welds or breaks, and it has seen very little use with the ports in great shape with no abuse. This should be acceptable for someone who is trying to Dress their car Ford and at the same time enjoy better performance.The C90X number designated the 1969 Ford Over the Counter Racing program.

  With the decline of the Shelby program, Ford moved into a different era in pushing their own products, and intakes like this were the result.  The same exact design with different stamping, yet cast in 'Buddy Bar' as the 302 version and the like.  Good design, quality products, Ford Tested and Engineered, this is a sure winner for those trying to step their car up a notch and at the same time retain value - don't miss the opportunity to buy one of these rare products which was offered for 2 years only before being discontinued as the Windsor motor was put out to pasture and replaced by the Clevelands.