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1968 Mustang GT Styled Wheels with Accent Jewels 1968 Torino GT Rims with Bezels

Listed by: Mustang Masters
$750.00 (Listing) Weight: 80 lb
Width: 16 in
Length: 36 in
Height: 16 in

Product Code: SB-00085
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Mustang, Mach 1, Torino, Cobra Jet, Cycl

Here we have a super rare set of 4 painted 14x6 GT Styled Steel Wheels offered by Ford on cars such as Mustang, Mach 1, Torino, Cobra Jet, Cyclone, Spoiler, Montego MX, and Ranchero GT. This set includes 4 caps, trim rings as well as a full set of 48 original stainless steel accent jewels. These wheels were part of a decor package Ford used to separate its fully loaded or luxury cars from standard versions. The 6 inch width was designed to accommodate disc brakes and the slotted design was for cooling the brake assembly. The GT cap was part of the grand touring package also available with plain caps with no design on the Mustang Mach 1 or an alternative, MX caps for Montego's and we even designed a Running Horse cap for Mustang owners!This auction is for a set of 4 paint to match optional sport wheels with original high quality polished trim rings and four factory caps appropriate to your model or design (Please advise at time of payment). Never offered before is a complete set of almost impossible to find accent jewels that snap into the wheels should you desire a color change. All 4 wheels have been stripped bead blasted, detailed and are found to be in good usable condition. These used caps have very minor imperfections, NOS caps would add to much more to our offering on this whole set of wheels. No need for new lug nuts your stock units will fasten these desirable wheels in place. Unlike the chrome version of this wheel we also offer, we felt there might be an owner out there with a true GT that might be interested in returning his car to its original state or having that 1 of a kind option to dress up their beauty.Whether installing these on an early 65 Falcon, 68 Torino or even a 73 Mustang, these are an attractive alternative that will fit Ford 5 lug cars without any clearance issues on the turning radius, and still give you the looks you are after! Don't let this set of originals get away from you, it will be a while before you see this complete set again, it took years to collect all 48 of the accent jewels these are not the plastic reproductions. You can always bid with confidence at a Mustang Masters auction, we are always aiming to please you our customers so good luck and good bidding .