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1972-78 Torino 4 Speed Conversion Auto to 4 Speed Ranchero Toploader 4 Speed Kit

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Here we have a reconditioned fully functional good working Toploader 4 speed transmission changeover kit for a 1972 to 1978 Torino Cobra, Ranchero or even Cyclone Gt. Ford engineers offered the automatic transmission in almost all of there cars in these years and very few of them offered the fun driving 4 speed toploader transmission as a performance upgrade. This Built Ford tough assembly works on all Ford small blocks 302 and both the 351 Cleveland and Windsor. Rest assured it was designed for their 351 Cobra jet buyers who drove them hard. This is a ready to install kit with the hard parts to perform the swap for a C4, FMX or even the C6 Automatic exchange. This rebuilt 4 speed assembly tagged RUG BF1 offers a big 31 spline output shaft complete with factory rebuilt Hurst shifter. Of course you see the factory cast iron 6 bolt bellhousing with shift fork as well as the block plate and a freshly turned C5AE 164 tooth flywheel. This kit also includes the equalizer bar with both frame and block mounts as well as the adjustment pin and throw arm to the clutch pedal. The rebuilt pedal assembly new pads has everything to complete this install less the clutch kit which is available locally. Finally you will find this kit has the transmission brace and even the drive shaft. In additon we have an assortment of bolts to be a help but not to be a guarantee of completion or accuracy.   O.K. this hard to find kit is correct for the year models mentioned above and it is all inspected and detailed to be sure of its working condition. A rare grouping of pieces with an installation satisfaction guarantee this is an auction you must not miss. If you ever thought of taking your classic car to the next level of performance this will make for whole new feeling.For those who wish to make an Automatic to 4 speed standard shift conversion we included the parts bell to pedals to the back tailshaft it is here as is pictured and in good working order. All pieces are fully functional and not worn or failing in any way. Freshly cleaned, then detailed and serviced. We inspected it all and know you will want to have the warranty with you a new as a new clutch kit is available from Orielly's, Pep Boy's, Auto Zone or even NAPA for 150.00.   With a prior email and agreement kit we have more and can adapt the kit for the Mustang  Cougar or even Fairlane application. We have plenty of shifters to should that be your need. We also have several different I D tags to make it correct for your application just let us know. Should you need a kit for another application we commonly offer these. We can help you with a Mustang, Fairlane, Galaxie, or about any other Ford 4 speed transmission or conversion should you need that auction let us know. We even sell and service the T 10 Borg Warner kits for those who have that need so give us a call.This is just a part of our extensive inventory of Toploaders, T10's, C4's, C6's, as well as a complete selection of shifters, pedals, and even conversions from auto to standard, standard to auto, or any other application in between, plus related parts and accessories that we select from for our weekly eBay auctions.  Mustang Masters - Your One Stop Parts Shop on eBay! For those who have Falcons and Comets, you will have to perform the reverse procedure used for the Mustangs and Cougars, and slide the shifter forward.Maybe you have a car currently equipped with a 4 speed, and would like to take road trips or enjoy better fuel economy.  This transmission will bolt in place, and by adding the bracket or plate we discussed, you can use your original shifter.