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  • Condition:   Select what you think is the appropriate condition
  • Shipping:   Select your method of shipping you are offering
  • Type:  Select what you think is the appropriate type for your listing.  (Listing can be filtered using this field)
  • Phone:  Enter a phone number that will be displayed on your listing
  • Reserve Amount $:   This amount is the least amount you are willing to accept.  (this amount is not displayed)
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  • Makes:  This field is optional.  If selected an optional "Model" field will display.  (Listing can be filtered using these fields)
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  • MFG P/N:  This field is optional.  Manufacturers part number field.  (Listing can be searched for using this field)
  • Hours:  This field is optional. This field is displayed on the listing to help minimize inconvenient calls.
  • Tag No.  This field is optional.  It is used in conjunction with our classifieds part tagging / labeling option.

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  • Employing "Order Quantity" feature enables the seller to apply constraints on Quantity limits.
  • Start and stop dates enable automatic listing visibility to the shoppers.
  • Shipping weights can be added for additional information
    • Commercial users can use this information to drive shipping pricing feature
  • Volume information when entered will be displayed on the listing to help know what shipping / handling requirements may be needed.

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Update the new ad with the details of what you're listing:

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  • Quantity on hand: Enter quantity of the item / blank indicates unlimited quantity
  • Retail price: Enter a price of what the item is valued at (optional)
  • Price: Enter your selling price for the item. Leaving this field blank the listing the listing will display "Call for Pricing"
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